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my daughter jack russel found a boyfriend we did not know she was in heat but mated all over the neighborhood with the same dog....i never saw them stuck together so i do not know if she is pregnant can anyone tell me what to look for....and of course the male never came back after the deed was done...tipical ronnie:barnie
you wont notice any difference in her until she is about 30 days along or so,then she may start to get a little belly on her,some do this later then 30 days,just depends on the dog,she will start to bag up around then also,but keep in mind some look like they are bagging up even tho they are not preg just because of hormones,,and by bagging up I dont mean actual milk,more like the nipples will get a little more pronounced.
The first thing you will notice on a pregnant dog are her nipples will protrude a little more then normal. And then she will swell up.

You should take her into a vet to have a look at her, since pregnant dogs, just like pregnant people need special care. You should also switch her to puppy food if she is pregnant until she is done nursing the puppies.

You can still have your dog spayed before she has the puppies. So you don't end up with 6-10 little ones to find homes for. I'm just suggesting that from working at an animal shelter that had a high kill rate because of to many unspayed dogs having litter.

You could also have her spayed after the puppies are 7 weeks old. By spaying her you are helping her out ALOT health wise.

If you decide to have the puppies make sure you can find them good homes, good luck.
You can have her spayed right now and not worry about bringing more unplanned puppies into the world and not worry about the cost of potentially having to have a c-section with her if the male was much larger. And it would prevent it from happening again.
Hey ronniega1 we had liter of 14 full blooded St. Bernard puppies about 2 years ago. How we knew she was pregnant she started eating alot and begging alot. She never came to the table when we were eating. She started doing that. We took her to the vet and they confirmed it. they are very cute when they are born until they get to be 200 pounds! and think they are lap dogs!

O yea not all males are like that!!!!............ Haha that was funny though

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