Is four days old to soon to give alfalfa sprouts? (Chick Grit supplied along side)


7 Years
Aug 9, 2013
They don't seem to be interested in it just yet but I've got some in there. I feel like they're growing like weeds!

Also, are they supposed to freak out every time I reach for one of them? I mean, they scatter like I'm Godzilla. I thought handling them early would make them friendly?
I'd hang on a bit with the treats for now. Try again when they are about 2 weeks old and when you feed treats make sure you offer some grit as well. Just some clean coarse sand if you can't find chick grit.

When you reach for them move slowly. And let them know you are there first. Chickens are instinctively weary of things coming at them from above (think hawks and other birds of prey).

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