Is fresh water (Great Lakes) sand okay to use on poop board?


10 Years
Mar 24, 2013
I live in Michigan about 2 miles from Lake Michigan. I've been purchasing play sand from the home improvement store to use on my poop board under my chickens roost, but I'm wondering if all the free piles of sand along Lake Michigan would be just as good?

We can't take sand directly from the beach, but at houses across the street where the wind blows sand people always have signs "Free sand" since it's in their "yards" they can give it away legally.

But is this kind of sand ok????
My thoughts on sand are that any would be suitable. Beach sand, as I know it, can be rather fine and powdery. If that is the case, there would be a lot of dust when it was dry. Otherwise, I suspect that all sand is the same.

As far as contaminants are concerned, who knows the source of what comes from the home improvement store?

I would just be worried about contaminants...

Seriously you are going to fill the sand with chicken poop and you are worried about contaminants?
The sand will be fine plus it is free. Nature doing nature a service, free eco green non genetically modified, non global warming sand, a plus for the enviornment.

Plus you will be doing your neighbors a favor by removing their wind blown sand!

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