Is he a Leghorn?


7 Years
May 20, 2012
So, I found this rooster on Craigslist, and he looks like a leghorn to me. I'm only going to post the one image from the ad, I don't want to take them all -ahem- there's only two xD

Anyway, he's being given away and I figured I'd take him in. (They have too many chicks hatching ^_^; lol)

So, here he is:

He caught my eye because I'm a big Minecrafter and I had a chicken named Ralf (just a quick name I tossed up for the random chicken who came in during a T-Storm) and he reminded me of that chicken..... whom I had to kill because he got stuck in a block xD (For those of you that don't know, Minecraft is a 16-bit video game that gives you the challenge of survival lol It's one of the top games watched on YouTube, too. You won't have any problems finding an example ;) lol)

Anyway, Just wanted to find out so I can find him a mate. I'm planning on showing them next year at Fair, and they have to be a certain age. So, I gotta plan the breeding for a certain date so they'll fall under that age limit... otherwise I'll have some new chickens in my flock xD

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