Is he okay?!


5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
I've had Sergeant Hei Hei in the house for a few days as one of the hens scratched up his leg. It wasn't bad but I didn't want them to be pecking at his leg if I decided to leave him out there. He's almost done healing but I noticed tonight that he's breathing weird. Since he's been in the house, his no-crow collar has been off so I know it's not due to that.

Turn the sound up all the way to hear it
He was fine this morning around 11am. I've been busy all day feeding the other animals, cleaning out & putting fresh straw in the coop, cleaning up the kitchen, cooking dinner, and forcing myself to get in the shower.
So while I was doing all that, he must have done something to himself.
Update: He's drinking water. Earlier he ate some food so I'm waiting for him to poop so I can take a picture in case it's needed here.
I also just noticed that in my video, his comb looked a little purple. Could he had a bit of lack of oxygen? It's looks better now

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