Is he protecting his girls?


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Uxbridge, MA
I went in to feed my babies today, and they were kind of in the corner, the girls in the back and the boy out in the front. He was doing this weird thing with his neck, like bowing it down while looking at me and it was kind of funny every time he brought his neck down he quacked... Was he protecting his girls? Or did this mean something else? I have never seen this behavior before and they think of me as mom, since I hatched them and for the most part their caregiver, so i don't think they are "afraid" of me.

Silkie Sue

13 Years
Jun 23, 2007
Sarnia, Ontario
not to worry...
how old is he?
i have a 8 month old Muscovy drake he has 2 girlfriends who does the head bob thing and hisses at me but i don't think he is being mean cuz he is also wagging his tail and lets me pet him at the same time.
i don't know what it is exactly but it is awesome...

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