is it a he or a she? It's PAT!


7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
I have a whit silkie and No, his name is not Pat....but I do have a sneakin suspission it is a Roo....

This is Elton...any guesses if I'm right??

He is a busy body and very sociable.
And just for kicks here are some pics of the rest of my girls

It's from left to right "Barbra Rock Striesand, Beonce the silkie, and "Elton??"

Madonna the Ameraucana, Ugly "elton??" again, and Barbra

And this blur is "Amy winehouse" the wyandotte

So any thoughts?

I get the idea it's a he because the little black silkie is the smae age, was purchased strait run, and is SO much bigger than the black. And just acts like a roo?
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Oh and BTW, when I tried to let them out of their coop yesterday for the first time, they all were SO shy. didnt go more than a foot outside of the door.
Whats up with this?
patience with them coming out, it may take a few days. use some bribes like a few mealworms can do the trickcant help with the sexing... I still have my own to figure out

Make sure Amy stays away from that liquor

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