is it cannibal behavior

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    Mar 16, 2014
    I only have 6 hens in my coop/ run: 2 Ameraucana, 2 black Maran, 1 Faverolle and 1 blue andalusian. The later 2 of these stayed in the brooder a bit longer as they were 1 and 2 weeks younger (DOB Mar-7 12 and 18/ 2014). It was a bit of push away for the younger newcomers and then all was FINE. We went away for a week and they were cared for the a live-in dog sitter. I noticed both times when I returned the rim of the water was dirty and the Faverolle's neck feathers were dirty. There was a heat wave while we were gone. THE PROBLEM IS THE YOUNGEST, Andalusian, is picking all the feathers off OLDEST, Maran. I NEVER SAW THE BEHAVIOR STARTING BUT SHE CRIES OF I TOUCH HER
    What shall I do???
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    Feb 5, 2009
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