Is it just the weather?

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    seems like one of my chickens are always a little sick.. one has a cough then it gets better.. one has noisy breathing.. rooster has an occasional cough.. periodically one hen or another has a droopy day or two.. one of them is laying wrinkly eggs.. and one of them having watery stools. All seem to be eating okay.. Still laying good. They are on antibiotics for this week for the coughs and breathing. But it seems cyclic. it has been cold and wet here. I opened more ventilation in my coop and made a diy heater and it seemed to help. These chickens are my first "practice" flock that I bought as adults from a local chicken trader. They mostly seem to be production crosses.. but they are loved. I make them hot breakfast every morning, fresh water every day, and coop cleaned weekly. They have a sizable open air run. Just concerned that over all they dont seem as perky as they did in the warmer weather.
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    That's strange!

    I have a White Leghorn pullet that I got as a week-old chick last April named Blanca. Blanca also acted strangely not long ago, with coughs, sneezes, runny noses, and droopiness. I couldn't really do anything for her if it involved buying stuff, so I had to leave her be. She is my smallest chicken and the lightest (I doubt that she's even two pounds).
    But Blanca recovered by herself. As for your chickens... if this has only been lasting for a couple weeks, it could be something like a common cold for humans. But maybe not...

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