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    I have some eggs eaters. Is it normal NOT to see any remains from the egg. What can I do to prevent chickens from busting & eating their eggs... PLease help!!
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    Oh boy. we have had a lot of threads on that one. Yes, they eat it all. I would find damp straw and yolk on other eggs. and I even caught her yellow beaked. But she doesn't eat her own.
    Try doing a search on egg eating. then look up Opa's thread on the 'rolling egg' box. It is on a tilt so the eggs roll into a safe place.

    I will look for some of my posts and put them her for you. I'll be back so it will take a bit. look back at this for added info, okay?

    post #30;

    there are tons more.
    Ill try to find another.

    good luck with this. I think I have chicken soup in my future.
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