Is it ok for my turkey and hen to hang together?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Thenewguy, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Aug 7, 2013
    Central Michigan
    Ok, I am very new a keeping birds as I stated in my intro thread. I've been doing a little poking around on her for the last 7 hours or so and have read different things about keeping turkeys and hens together.

    Right now all I have is one turkey and one hen. I had a rooster two hens and the turkey up until about a week ago. The rooster was sent to live on a farm where it can crow it's fool, or foul, head off. and we lost one of the hens due to a hockey injury (long story short- she is on permanent injured/reserved due to the 10 year old's awesome slap shot.........yes it was an accident and he feels terrible about it)

    So my question is: Can I keep the turkey and hen together ok? I do plan on getting more hens eventually and is there any health issues I should be aware of? If I get more hens is there a chance that they will pick on the turkey? I don't have an anti-bullying program in place yet. I don't know when we will get more hens, right now with me down (knee surgery)and the move the finances are a bit tight and I wouldn't feel right taking on the responsibility if I'm not 100% sure I can provide for the birds the way I feel they should be taken care of. Then this will lead me to a whole new set of questions on the proper way to introduce the birds (do it over time, throw em a mixer, toga party) which I will not bother you all with now.

    The turkey was never meant to be and is all my wife's fault.....really. My children let them out to free range in our back yard. I am in the process of building a coop out of pretty much any scrap wood I can find around the house right now. We just moved into our home in the middle of June and the birds weren't ready to go outside until sometime in July. I injured my knee so I just threw a quick pen together with some pieces of privacy fence and used an old wire dog kennel to keep them in at night and have been trying to build their coop when able (I had surgery on the knee last Wednesday). They really don't wonder very far at all and will actually come to the back door and stair at us like creepy neighbors. The hen follows the turkey around like a puppy. It is hilarious. She is fine if my daughter grabs her to have a tee party or something, but as soon as she remembers she shouldn't be more than 3 feet from the turkey, she freaks out and bolts for it. She actually gravitated toward the turkey even when we had the other hen and the rooster. I have a picture where they are all perched on the fence of my make shift pen. Except for that hen, she is perched on the turkey. Charlie the turkey has quite a personality too. The kids don't go near him in flip flops, evidently little toes look like grubs or something to Charlie. Lol. Anyway, sorry about the long post but I find these things fun to talk about and I love the way my kids have taken to and interact with them. Thanks.

    You thought I was kidding about the hen perching on the turkey didn't ya?
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    Aug 7, 2013
    Central Michigan
    I probably posted this in the wrong place didn't I?

    Bad newbie, bad newbie!
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    well I like your story and the picture.
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    Greetings from Kansas and :welcome! Great to have you with us! I think the biggest concern is for the turkey and a disease called blackhead that chickens carry and turkeys get. It only seems to be prevalent in some areas so you might want to check with your local Ag Extension Office to see if it is ion your area. Good luck to you!

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