Is it ok that the other hatched chicken are moving the other eggs?


Nov 13, 2018
Hello I have a question this is technically my first chicks have hatched but idk the dates on them because we left them with there mom but the mom left with the other 8 chickens and left 5 good eggs now 2 have already hatched and one is on it’s way and I have to make a diy incubator and I was just wondering if it’s ok that the other chicks move the eggs? (I know such a long thing for one simple question I’m just curious and want to learn more)
Some people worry about it, some don't. To the best of my knowledge the hatcheries that might hatch 60,000 chicks in each hatcher and 1,000,00 chick each week don't but they may be set up in a way to minimize problems.

Some people are concerned that the egg rolling might make it hard for the later chicks inside the eggs to get in position to pip, either internal or external. I don't worry about that, I've seen too many eggs hatch after getting rolled around.

Another concern is that after a chick external pips it might get rolled around so that the pip opening is down and the chick can't breath. The chick first internal pips, pokes its beak into the air cell and learns to breathe air instead of living in an all-liquid environment. After it converts to breathing air and the oxygen in the air cell it external pips so it can breathe fresh air. If that pip hole is blocked so it can't breathe it will die. How you build your incubator floor can matter. If it is raised wire the chick will be able to breathe even if the pip hole is facing down. If it is some other material it may be blocked. My purchased incubator has a 1/4" hardware cloth floor. This also gives good footing so the chick does not slip and dislocate a leg joint.

If you are in a hurry, do the best you can. Or you can hatch in an egg carton, pointy side down. I don't do that but people trim them so there isn't much left to block a pip hole.

Good luck!

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