Is it ok to have a single drake hen pair?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by shiningeyes, Apr 2, 2016.

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    Mar 22, 2016
    I believe we have a drake duckling and a hen duckling. They are very bonded and can't be without each other. Planning for the future is it ok to keep just the pair? Due to space we can't have more than two but I've read about drakes wearing out a duck. Does anyone have experience with just keeping a pair? And, if by chance they both turn out to be males...well what then? Can you successfully have two males with no hens? I'm pretty sure I'd have to keep them away from the chickens for sure then.
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    They say the ideal is one drake to six hens (ducks). I have one drake and one hen. Because of his willingness to "get the job done" (if you know what I mean) her back feathers are all frizzled and thin from his sharp claws and actually broken in the middle of her back and the back of her neck has feathers pulled out. I ordered a saddle coat that hopefully will protect her back and I also put him into the pen (coop type thing) for part of the day to give her a rest. I have some duckies growing up that I hope some will be girls and plan to get two sexed Khakis and perhaps a Cayuga hen as well when they come in at the feed store. It will be a while before they are big enough to join the flock but I hope that having 6 girls will keep him busy. Drakes and roosters are very enthusiastic in this way, that is why they recommend 6 ducks per drake and 5 hens per rooster. Where they have a pond if you don't have at least that many ducks per drake they can be drowned from the repeated activity.

    This doesn't mean that if you have a pair they will be quite this romantic. Be prepared to perhaps give one a time out or even rotate them to give them a break from each other. I would also trim the drake's toenails so that the act doesn't scratch her back and split her feathers. If she nests and has a clutch then he would likely leave her alone and concentrate on helping. Hopefully people will respond about their experiences with this.

    If there are no hens around then two males are often friends. People have written about there being two drakes who will even stay friends and share the girls in a flock. It is on a duck by duck basis.
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    2 drakes will do fine together with out female ducks around but you are right you'll need to keep them away from your hens. [chickens]

    The ratio for drake to duck should be 1 drake to 3 or more ducks I had a Muscovy drake with 2 females for over a year and he did not over mate them. Now he has 6 girls and can't keep up lol

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