Is it ok to put young chicks in with older ones??


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Jul 25, 2010
I have 4 2 month old chicks that I have had in the run in there own space for two days now. How soon do you think before I can put them together with my older ones in the coop at night???? I have two silkies and two easter eggers that are 2 months. There are 11 laying hens and 2 roosters in there now. It is getting colder and sounds like rain tomorrow so was thinking about putting them in the coop tonight. So thanks in advance.

The silkies will probably have a harder time than the EEs. Put them in at night when everyone is asleep. But be sure you are there when they wake up in the am. Pecking will begin early when they wake up, you may have to section off a space for them. I found extra food and treats helped to distract my older ones when we added to the flock.
I put my little guys in the coop this week, which is about 7 weeks old. I am keeping a really close eye on them, because it's a little early, but I was having some logistical problems. The hen is fine, not picking on them at all, but the roo! OMG, he is being awful. I've put him in solitary for the time being. I thought for sure it was going to be my hen that was the problem because she was being really tough on my roo, believe it or not, but it wasn't. Based on my experience, if you try it, keep a close eye on them.
By the looks of things on here I may have to build a new coop for these guys. Might be easier to heat this winter. Live here in Minnesota so it will be allot below zero the next few monts.
We started acclimating our 3 Barred Rocks chicks with our 2 6 month old Red Stars when they were 6 weeks old and fully feathered.
We fenced in an area of the pen and kept them there during the day.
We also didn't let the Red Stars out to free range like we normally do.
So everyone was in the same vicinity.
At night, we put the chicks in a dog carrier and put that in the coop.
After 5 days, the Red Stars no longer paid any attention to the Barred Rocks, so we took the fence down and kept an eye on them.
We've had zero issues.
No one is getting picked on and pecking order is in place.(all are hens)
We plan on doing the same in the next few weeks with our Wyandottes and Jersey Giants.

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