Is it okay to use Volcanic Pumice for Grit?


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Yesterday I saw a small bag of grit (granite I think) at a feed store for about $8. Today I saw a larger bag of Volcanic Pumice at the garden center for $3. It seemed to me that it might be just as good.

Does anyone have any experience with, or knowledge of the suitability of Volcanic Pumice for grit?

i had the same question. hope this post gets your (our) questions answered
I haven't tried it. My first thought is that it's awfully crumbly stuff. Granite is commonly used because it's hard and has nicely sharp edges when crushed. The pumice would certainly be sharp but it might also just crumble and disintegrate rather than grinding the food.
Well, I decided to search the internet for something that might shed more light on subject.
I found an article entitled "Properties of volcanic pumice based cement and lightweight concrete" dealing with The results of investigations on the suitability of using volcanic pumice (VP) as cement replacement material and as coarse aggregate in lightweight concrete production. They make the statement.... "It is concluded that the VPC has sufficient strength and adequate density to be accepted as structural lightweight concrete."

At this point I think it may work, but I still haven't found anything directly supporting my opinion.

If anyone has actual experience with it, please chime in.

Hi everyone,

Our company provides Pumice in bulk to turkey farmers as grit. Pumice is excellent for putting into chicken litter to absorb odors and trap ammonia. Pumice is used in grains and studies using Pumice show chickens grow bigger using the Pumice. Excellent stuff. I have lots of chickens and use this in the litter and for grit on an all you can eat basis.


If you need material, please email me. [email protected]
Pumice Dusting Powder can be applied directly to birds (chickens) , added generously to the dust bath and puffed around the hen house for long lasting, residual control of mites and lice.
Well, if it works for you, great!
Personally, I'm have a hard time imagining that it would kill anything, so I won't be using it.
@U_Stormcrow this probably isn't your sort of thing, but I wanted a second opinion and always value your sensible advise. Could Pumice dust work for lice or mites? I'm thinking not... as I just can't imagine rock dust killing anything.

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