Is it or isn't it Marek's Disease? FYI

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    Apr 12, 2010
    So I thought I would come on here and tell you about an experience I just had with my roo. My Sultan roo, "Tina Turner," was acting very very wierd the other day. He was stumbling around. He looked like he was drunk. Every time he would try to crow he would fall over flat on his face. He just could not stand up without falling and he was panting. My first thought was that he had gotten too hot and had dehydrated.....even though we are only in the upper 80's verses the 110 we had most of the summer. I grabbed him up and brought him in the house. I set him up in an old baby crib I use as a brooder. I checked on him regularly with no changes. He did stop panting but he would crow and WHAM fall right on his face. So, I got on BYC and started searching his symptoms. Everything was pointing to Marek's disease. I was feeling rather upset knowing that it would eventually kill him as well as possibly infect my other chickens. The next morning I checked in on him and he looked a little better. hmmm OK, that's good. I had to go to work so when I got home he still looked better. Tina wasn't falling over anymore when he crowed. SOOOO, I took him outside and put him in the run to see how he would act. As I was putting him down, I just happen to look at his feet. OMG! He had lost his middle toenail. That is why he wasn't walking good and that is why he would loose his balance everytime he tried to crow. Poor Tina Turner! So, the morale of this story is....don't forget to check the toenails. It could be just that simple and not a death sentence. Tina is doing GREAT now and is back to protecting his flock. I don't know if his toenail will grow back but he has learned to live without it.
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    I'm glad to hear that Tina is doing better. It's nice to hear a happy story as much as possible. [​IMG]

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