is it really neccassary for a light

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    when my chicks are 6 weeks and they get moved outside into the coop, do i need a light, i didn't think you needed one once they left the brooder but alot of pictures seem to have them, what am i missing??
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    A lot depends on how cold it's still getting at night were you live, how draftfree your coop is, and how feathered out your chicks are. Some breeds are completely feathered out by 6 weeks but others develop more slowly and still have a good bit of fuzzy down at that age. They really need to be completely feathered out and night time temps above 50+* and good bedding to snuggle in if they don't have a heat light. Also, if you only have a very few chicks they'd need heat because there aren't enough chicks to snuggle and warm each other.
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