Is it safe to ship 12 baby chicks (standard size)........

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  1. Chickensrock10110

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    Feb 10, 2009
    ......from the mainland to Hawaii?

    There`s a breeder who sells chicks by the dozen for $150 including shipping.Will they make it OK?Should I order another batch to make that 24 chicks in all, just to be safe?
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    what kind of chickens are they?

    they will be in the air for a few hours.. Depending on how high the plane flies, it could get mighty cold. Or depending where they stow them on the plane, they could die from lack of oxygen.

    has the guy ever successfully shipped chicks to Hawaii ?

    can't you find some chicks right there on one of the islands??

    $150.oo/doz seems like a lot to me..
  3. Chickensrock10110

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Quote:They are gamefowls.I plan to raise them for show.I was thinking of getting adult fowls but they can run as much as $1000 per breeding trio.Not sure if he shipped to Hawaii but he said he could ship them here.I can`t seem to find any source on any of the islands that breed this particular breed of chickens.At first ,I thought it was crazy to spend $150 on a dozen chicks but I think it`s worth it considering the value of these prized birds at adulthood.

    Thanks for letting me know though!Aloha!
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    You would have to do your homework. How are they going to be shipped, as cargo on a commercial airline? Will the hold be pressurized and heated? How long is the trip, timewise? How many different legs to the journey? What happens at stops along the way; how are they handled? Will they be able to stay warm and get enough air while in the air.

    Most hatcheries will not ship from Missouri to Kansas without putting 25 chicks in to keep themselves warmer. Does this breeder ship heating pads with the chicks? If so, how long do they last? If I bought chicks, I'd get the 2 dozen, if I was happy with the shipping conditions.

    Have you considered buying eggs and hatching your own? You's still need to know how they are shipped and handled. I would not be satisfied with an unpressurized, unheated hold, but you might have better luck with two or three dozen eggs rather than chicks.
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    There are a bunch of Gamefowl breeders on HI. Pm me
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Quote:PM`d you!

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