Is it the heat? OR Disease? VIDEO*!*!*!*!*!


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Moreno Valley Ca
I have 3 hens that are just not acting there selves. They seem to be very woozy, and not in good shape. One of the hens comb is flopped over and tips of black on it. They also have poop on there behinds, running down.

Yesterday it was 100 degress and before that its been in the higher 90's. Is it the heat that's doing this or what?

I have some Tylan (inject) I can give to them.

Help!!! Thanks!!!
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Mine stay in the dirt and pant when too hot, I'm in FL and we've had several 90-100*f days already this year.

Sound ill not heat stressed.

But get more comments.

Oh change there water and wet down the coop if you can, the evaporative cooling will help.
Do you have a way to hook up one of those misters? I don't know if it's the heat doing that, but it sure couldn't hurt to try..or a fan of some sort? Try to cool them a bit.
I also don't think that is heat related. I wish I knew where to go with this. Hopefully someone will see this post and be able to better help you. Try going in the advanced search box and see if that takes you anywhere. Good Luck!!
Just saw your thread, note that this has been going on for over a day now. The black tips on the comb does not sound good. From what you described, it sounds gastrointestinal, although I could be wrong I am just going off of your descrip and video. Has the waterer been changed every day, and sterilized? How's their food? Are there flies landing on food? Are they drinking sufficiently?

At this point, not knowing what kind of care and food they have had, I'd make sure they are well hydrated. I have saved some by using an eyedropper or syringe (needle removed) and giving them at minimum some water several times a day. They can go without food, but not water. I know where Moreno Valley is, and it does get warmy out there. Like you said, you may lose the one. If you do, keep her in the fridge (not freezer) until Monday, then drive into San Berdoo (Agriculture and Animal Extension office run by UC Davis by the Orange Show) and get a necropsy done so you know what the H** is going on. It is free. Just pay for gas - maybe an hour at most from where you are. If you need more info on how to find the place let me know. I was just there :>(

You can add electrolytes to water, if they are eating well, try feeding pieces of bread soaked in yogurt (no sugar added) or ProBios dissolved in some water, whatever water you can get into them. Its important to keep fluids going through them, preferably with good bacteria in it. With the depressed attitude you describe and combs, I'd lay odds they are not drinking enuf. Try to get a better pic and descrip in the daylight when they are supposed to be more active.

Without knowing what they've been into - it could be anything - moldy food? Bad stuff they picked up if they free range? Poison? Who knows - only you can figure that part out I'm sorry to say. But for now, keep them hydrated, and see if they are eating, and get back on how things are going. Best wishes, hope they all pull through.
P.S. - let them sleep for tonite.
Edit: I would not give them antibiotics unless you are sure what you are treating for, AND they are drinking. You could be doing more harm than good.
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