Is it too cold outside for my young ducks?


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Oct 4, 2010
I hatched 5 ducks this winter, they were born december 4th, I live in Southern CT, and it's currently 27 degrees F outside, it goes up to 45 degrees on occasion.
Is it too cold out for them to be outside for a prolonged period of time? What about them being wet? Considering they are only 3 months old, I think it might be a little early.
I'd appreciate if anyone would give me their opinion and expertise on this, and how long it would be ok they can be out there for if they can.
Thank you in advanced,
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I would assume that they do not have a lot of downs at this point. So I would not let them out for extended time with those temps. Wait another month when they have put a little bit fat deposits on. I would still give them outdoor time when the temps are in the 40s, but watch their behavior. They will huddle when cold.
I put my young guys out at 12 weeks, right at Valentine's Day. I'm on the NH/MA border. It's been plenty cold... but I've watched them closely, and they've been fine. They were two added to a flock of ten, so I can't say whether the bigguns were willing to snuggle with them or not... but they were happy as could be.

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