Is it true?....Can you tell the sex of a Runner duck by....


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
Its feathers on its "tail" area.....I have one young runner duck thats about 5 months old ....a friend was over yesterday and told me that it was a male because a couple of its tail feathers were curled up the opposite way ..I dont have another runner to compare it to ...Have you heard of this ?.....
It is correct. Males have a few feathers that curl just above the tail. You can also tell by the sound of the voice by that age what sex they are. All ducks ( except muscovies) can generally be regarded as male if they have they curly tail feathers.
Oh thank God ! because i named him Charlie after the man that gave me him as an egg......he was the only one i hatched out of a bucket full of runner eggs....I have two Embden geese and three toulouse and the rest are Muckovies ......another Question should I find Charlie a mate?....should i pen them both up together as they're all free ranging together and in one coop at night ....right now I think Charlie thinks he's a goose as he hangs with them more ...this is my winter time with Geese....thanks for replying ....maybe my friend will give me a runner now
I have a black Runner duck who firmly believes in her "goosiness" as she hangs with Merlin the white China gander...I have many ducks and many drakes and she did not grow up with the geese, but you can not tell her she is not a goose...everywhere Merlin the gander goes, she is right behind him head bobbing and quacking...she is such a silly duck...

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