Is it "washing" when you............

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    Is it considered to be "washing" an egg if you put them in water for a 'float/no float' test?
    Or is "washing" when you actually use egg wash solution?
    (i.e. will sitting in plain water for a few seconds remove the bloom?)

    Also, (new topic) my BCM has been laying for about 10 days now............
    right from the get-go, her eggs were just a 'little' small, but not by that much.......(compared to
    eggs from hens who have been laying for a while.)
    Then this morning I found this tiny, adorable, almost completely 'round', dark brown egg in the next box.
    Soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

    Just wondering if this is quite normal for a very young hen?
    Is this what a 'fart egg' looks like?

    Here's are 2 size comparison pics...........
    (L to R.....Golden Comet egg, EE egg, BCM egg (before 'today's' egg, that is) and todays little cutie...)
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    That's a fart egg. Cute too..... I would say it's normal for a new layer. There eggs tend to start off smaller.

    I have heard of some doing the float test, but they say do not leave the egg in the water very long at all.
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    No a short float won't hurt anything. Looks like an egg fart to me! It's not unusual to have a few unusual eggs when they first start laying.

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