Is leakage hereditary?


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I would assume yes, since breeders cull against it... but my rooster was born out of two solid black araucanas who showed no leakage. One of his brothers was coal black and perfect, but my roo and two other brothers had various amounts of leakage. Does he still have the genetics to throw solid black, or since he has so much leakage will his offspring definitely show leakage?

Here is my Cholo helping me clean up the garden yesterday. I wish it would have been sunny so you could see he also has reddish brown, blue and purple in with all that straw color. He's quite the rainbow for a "black" araucana!
I can't tell you the exact genetics--but one possibility is that both of your breeding stock are only carrying one copy of "extended black."

Extended black = E

Lets call the male's mystery gene e+ (There are a great number of pattern genes. This one's duckwing, and I chose it at random.)
Let's call the female's E^R (birchen--which looks like the pattern your leakage bird is carrying, so I'm going to guess that it'sin there somewhere.)

Male = E/e+ = solid black
Female = E/E^R = solid black

75% of your offspring would be black (E/E, E/E^R, E/e+) and would but 25 would be birchen (E^R/e+) because the birchen phenotype would be dominant.

You would not be able to tell whether your solid black rooster is E/E (though you would probably hope so) E/e+, or E/E^R


There's a few other possibilities/permutations, but as far as I'm aware, they all depend upon that one to happen.

But I just dabble. Maybe @The Moonshiner will show up later today?

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