Is milk/milk products okay for chickens? (ex; yogurt)

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by flockoffour, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I have heard mixed reviews on giving your chickens dairy products, such as yogurt, which I have been especially questioning. I ended up accidentally buying a plain container of greek yogurt, so I tried giving some to my chickens on numerous occasions. I later read that yogurt can give chickens diarrhea/ other problems, though my chickens seemed to be fine. ( I tried to avoid giving them too much, though) Does anybody have any information/conformation about giving your chickens yogurt or if the information I found is correct? Thanks.

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    Yogurt is totally fine to give chickens!!!! you just don't want to give it to them all the time.
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    My chicks, pullets and hens have had yogurt and buttermilk mixed in with their shredded zucchinis or veggies, rice and oatmeal w/ flax meal for breakfast almost daily.
    I see some loose poops, but even when I skip a day or two of their breakfast , there is always a few soft poops around.
    Their main feed is organic Scratch and Peck Grower and organic Cascade Feed, no corn/no soy

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    Yep, yoghurt is fine. But I wouldn't make it a staple food or anything. Sometimes chickens will enjoy drinking milk from a bowl like they do water!
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    thanks for the info everyone
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    Every 8th poo or so is a "caecal poo" which is normal- it is a liquid poo.
    graphic photos of poo if interested

    Of course if their poos are watery then that is diarrhea and not normal.

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