Is Molly Really Melvin?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Katz5617, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Jul 21, 2014
    We just got out chicks and I know it is difficult with young to tell the male from female. The lady we got the chicks from tried to explain something about the tail feathers coming in sooner on the females and something about wing tip length but to be honest - they all looked pretty much alike to me - until now. We got four Rhode Island Reds, one Barred Rock and one Buff Orphington. Out of the six now - five of them have tail feathers even I can spot, but the Barred Rock looks like his butt is bare. With the other five sprouting those feathers could it be that Molly is Melvin? If so I will need to return it and get a female. I know I will wait a few more weeks to be certain, but we are not allowed to have roosters in the city limits. I'm thinking I should go ahead this weekend and try and get another Barred Rock to introduce while they are all still small rather than waiting a few weeks and then risk the chance of having to get a small one to introduce with the older ones. If I have to swap it, unfortunately this is the one that my youngest grandchild has chosen and named and he is the one that has become most attached. I'd rather have a "spare" in case we have to return one and hope he can't tell the difference. Also if I go and purchase another Barred Rock, what would be another breed that would do well with this mixed bag of birds - one that would be docile. One of the twins can't pick his RIR out of the bunch and he wants one that is "different" so he can pick his out. If I am going to pick up one this weekend I might as well go for two.
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    another breed could be a cochin my chick wont refuse to be picked up unlike my lavender orpington and blue laced red Wyandotte chicks, good luck with ur chicks and any pictures of the chicken your trying define male or female I may be able to help you with genders:)

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