Is Mom letting other hens too close?

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    My Brahma hatched 7 little chicks. I've kept a wire cage around her for a few days to protect them from the flock. Today I moved the cage and all the big hens gathered around. They primarily seemed curious about the chicks and wanted to eat their starter feed. Momma hen didn't seem to care that they were there. One of the hens pecked a chick and momma did nothing. It wasn't a vicious peck, I think the hen just wanted the chick away from the food. I eventually scared the hens out and that stressed Momma out and she moved all the chicks to the last box.

    I have mixed lots of new pullets into my flock and generally the hens only get mad when the new kids try to eat with them - otherwise they leave them alone.

    Does this mean the Momma hen will not be able to protect her babies? I really didn't want to separate the flock. She is the bottom of the pecking order with the hens and the sweetest to people.

    Here is a picture of the flock checking the new family out. I'd love some advice - and not just advice telling me to separate mom and chicks. [​IMG]

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    Is there a way you can set up some sort of run inside the chicken area, or directly beside it so that they can all still BE together and see eachother so no one is really separated, just 'safe' from harm- just until the chicks get a little bigger ?

    If this is a first time momma perhaps she doesn't quite know what to do---also, being the low bird on the totum pole, perhaps she is a little afraid to stand up to the others...???

    Your right in not separating them, as eventually they will have to be reintroduced and that can be worse, but defiantely for the safety of the chick may want to consider just setting up some chicken wire and sectioning off a safety zone' where they can look but not touch!

    PS...ADORABLE!!!! [​IMG]
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