Is my 5 week old barred rock Eternity a male or female

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    Apr 28, 2016
    Hey I'm new to the site I had a white hen named Itty bitty she was and still is my best friend she died March 10th of this year I also have a malican grey game rooster his name is Caspian or I call him Roo Roo about 2 weeks ago I welcomed another feathered family member a barred rock I call Eternity (to me there not chickens there FAMILY)people think I'm crazy to think that way but who are they to judge any way my rooster is very TERRITORIAL as many know there well known for there aggressiveness I need to know if Eternity is male or female so I know what precautions to take to keep my lil one safe and not hurt PLEASE HELP!!!
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    We can help you sort out the gender of your bird if you take and post some photos - it would be best to start that thread in the "What Breed/Gender" forum here: Photos should be taken in natural lighting and show the bird in a natural, standing position from the side so we can see the whole bird (with nothing like hands, etc, blocking parts of the bird holding it)

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