Is my 6 wk old Light Brahma pullet blind, slow, or just dumb?


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Chico, CA
My 6 wk Light Brahma doesn't seem to "get it" like the 6 wk RIR and the 4 wk Brown Leghorn do.

She barely comes down the ramp into the run on her own and hasn't yet figured out how to go back up into the coop.
I got them some mealworms today ($3.50 for 50 at the pet store seems a bit high) and if I hadn't took her out byherself she wouldn't have got any of them. Even out by herself she kept pecking just below the target.
Is she having trouble seeing? She seems to find her way to the feeder and waterer ok and doesn't miss a step jumping up onto the chunks of firewood I have placed around the coop and run.

When I open the coop in the morning the BL jumps right down. The RIR might jump down or take the ramp. My Brahma paces nervously back and forth at the doorway looking down, wanting out but afraid to jump (about 24")

Do you suppose there is something wrong with her or does this breed often have troubles like this?

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