Is my ameraucana really an ameraucana?


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Apr 19, 2013
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Everything I have seen and read points to my ameraucana cockerel is true to the type. I purchased him locally from a farmer who runs a "hatchery" but is very small. He only hatches about 100 of every breed every year, so I'm wandering if he might actually know what he's doing. I am still skeptical because I know it is fairly hard to acquire a true Ameraucana. I tried to add some pictures, but I couldn't figure out how. I am using my iphone at the moment. There are pictures on my profile. The best ones are under chikis, he would be the silver cockerel with the beard, muffs, and slate legs. If anyone could confirm whether he is really an ameraucana, or just another ee I would really appreciate it. I will still love him either way. He is my little gentleman Mr. Bean.


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You can click the photo on your reply bar to my reply and add a photo straight in the message by uploading it! Then we could see what you have!!!
Hope that helps and have a blessed day.


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No, it is not. It looks more EE because of the oddity of colors of a Silver or Birchen and the comb is not pea, looks more like a thick single comb.

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