Is my Black Pekin Chicken Going Broody??? Advise please...

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    May 30, 2009
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    Hi all

    We are new to keeping chickens and have a small flock of 6 Pekin Chickens. Now we know these are so friendly as a our 3 year old son goes into the coop plays and reads them stories. But one of our Black Pekins, who is about 9 months old has got a little grumpy with us all. My wife just went into to put them to bed abd lock them in and she was on the top shelf, somewhere we have never seen her go before, and seemed to snarl at her as she went to stroke her.

    Now Myley, as my daughter has named her is one of the friendliest chickens we have. She follows our son around the house like his shadow. Sits on his lap and watches TV with him. But she is of late getting a little grumpy. When she lays her daily egg she does not want to move off her nest box area. We have been getting the egg out from under her as soon as she lays it but today she refused point blank to get off.

    Could she be going broody or maybe we need to get her to the vets. She eats and drinks normally, looks very clean and her feathers are well plumed....

    Any ideas out there...

    Thanks for any advise that you can offer...


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