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Is my buff laced polish chicken male or female?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by jessica7, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. jessica7

    jessica7 New Egg

    Apr 20, 2016

    I was wondering if anyone knew the sex of my buff laced polish chicken. I ordered a female online, but now I'm starting to think he may be a male. I know it's still early to tell, but I'm not allowed to have roosters where I live because of the noise, so I need to find out asap if I need to re-home him.
  2. Yorkshire Coop

    Yorkshire Coop Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 16, 2014
    Yorkshire, UK
    My Coop
    Hi there :frow

    Lovely little polish you have there! How old?

    No reddening of the wattle area would say pullet to me but as you say it seems a little early to tell for sure yet. Polish are notoriously hard to sex and some can keep you guessing up to 6 months.
  3. drumstick diva

    drumstick diva Still crazy after all these years. Premium Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    same deal with silkies - sometimes not till they crow or lay. Cute little bugger hope it will be a girl for you.
  4. mbphotos09

    mbphotos09 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 14, 2015
    Watching Chicken TV...
    Your babies are adorable! Polish chickens are difficult to sex but I'm not seeing anything that screams cockerel yet. [​IMG]
  5. jessica7

    jessica7 New Egg

    Apr 20, 2016
    Thank you for responding. My polish is about 5 weeks old. I really hope that she is a pullet because I have become quite attached to her and would hate to have to give her away.

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