Is my chick a cockerel or a pullet?

Oct 24, 2018
76DFAB3B-5B15-4EDE-A3F2-4BB99638E8FB.jpeg 51F40E8C-66A2-4ABD-8E76-6E88816CFFAE.jpeg FAE271D4-EC7B-4581-8FAB-D1F8924F771A.jpeg
C4D40FB1-20B6-4649-AA53-966A0200AC07.jpeg Hi, so I adopted two chicks a few months ago and my leghorn I think might be a cockerel is 18weeks and I think they should start laying or crowing in December sometime I already have a roo and he gets along with everyone including Violet (my leghorn pullet/cock) I am hoping it’s a pullet but I will keep him/her no matter what. If anyone could help that would be AWESOME!!! Thanks,

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