Is my chick ill, dying, or am I over thinking?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by InsideDuckling, May 29, 2016.

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    Hey! I got a new baby chick yesterday, about 1 week old, her name is Harley. We got her and she seemed healthy, however, we brought her home and a few hours later, her eyes were closed, she wasn't moving much but was still cheeping. I looked online and one forum said she may be too cold, so I got a lamp that produces heat and sat with her, holding her under the lamp for about ten minutes. While I was holding her under the lamp, she opened her eyes briefly, then closed them virtually immediately. I dipped her beak in water a few times to make sure she's drinking. Once I left the room, I would occasionally hear just a bunch of chirping, then, she'd stop. Now, it's morning and she still isn't opening her eyes, or moving, though she chirps and will lift her head for a second and it will slowly fall back down.
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    At one week old she will still require regular heat. So a lamp or heat plate needs to be on all the time for her so she can go under and get a warm as she wants to. Do you have just Harley? They do so much better if they are not on their own.

    Here is a fab article on raising chicks ~

    Good luck with Harley :fl
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    When you picked this chick out of the brooder, what was it doing? Was it running around like the others? Or was it hanging back on the sidelines all by itself? How active was it before you selected it? Why did you pick that chick out of the rest?

    Why did you get just one chick? Do you have other chicks already and just wanted to add one more? Do you have other chickens? Do you have a coop and run? What will you be doing with this one chick if/when it grows up?

    I would enjoy this additional information if you can take time to provide it. It will help us advise you better.

    Meanwhile, your chick sounds like it may be stressed and maybe in shock. It needs some tepid sugar water and maybe some Poultry Nutri-drench undiluted right into its beak. Those things should revive it if it's not actually sick. If it's sick, you need to be prepared for possibly losing it. Some chicks have a failure to thrive genetic condition, and it can come on suddenly, and there really isn't much you can do.

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