Is my chick super glued in?

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    Mar 15, 2011
    Long story short...(sort of)

    Tried hatching under a broody hen for the first time. As times has passed, 9 of the 12 eggs have exploded and were filled with green goo and smelled horrid.

    About 4 hours ago, I checked in the nest to find one egg trying to hatch (2 days early). About 60 percent of the shell was removed, but the chick has not gotten out of the membrane.

    Because I was not able to clean after yesterday's explosion, I am sure the nest, the mama, and the eggs are contaminated with bacteria. I was stunned to find one hatching. I put it in the clean incubator (about 85 percent humidity). Her beak has been out for a few hours, and she is cheeping and trying. About 20 minutes ago, I thought she looked stuck. The membrane is looking very dry. So I put her in a sink of warm water and moistened her up a bit and flicked off a few bits of shell. She's back in the bator and the membrane looks dry again.

    I've only hatched once before. It was in the bator and the ducks got out fast and clean. Their eggs tops were zippered off almost like a cartoon. There is no cartoon here today. It's all very scary looking. It is common for most of the shell to be removed (maybe by the mama?) and is it common if most of the shell is gone for the membrane to look dry?

    How would I know if she's super-glued in and can I moisten her out of it?

    I'll take any advice (though maybe I don't need to hear the "if she won't make it alone don't help it's not good for her anyway" theory. I just don't think I can have that discussion today). We are fretting terribly over here.

    Many thanks.
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    What I did once was lay a real wet papertowel loosely over the egg. I also use a q-tip and drip some warm water drops into the egg, but don't drown the chick, just a few drops not near the beak. Mine then hatched overnight.

    If you see veins or blood in the membrane, do not touch it, it may not be ready to hatch yet.
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    Feb 22, 2011
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    Same exact thing happened to me exept I started helping the chick. I took off one flake at a time and left the egg under mommy. soon I had taken all off but the membrain ( i was trying to make it hard for the chick so she would still have some strength in her) and I tore the membrian a tiny bit untill the chick came out herself. now she is a perfectly happy baby chick!

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