Is my chick unique?


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Apr 29, 2011
I have a 3 week old Silkie and after raising 7 other chickens from babyhood I'm surprised at what I am seeing with this one.

He eats human food. I had him on the counter and when he discovered my leftover tunafish sandwhich scraps he went nuts! So far he hasn't turned his nose up to anything.

He escapes his box. The sides were 2 feet high and he some how managed to get out!

He takes dirt baths.

These are just things I've never seen my other chicks do so I just wondered if anyone else has seen these behaviors from such a young chick!
My chicks are just now 2 weeks old and they do the same thing. They are all jumping/flying so I had to put a screen over top of brooder to keep them from escaping. They love dirt baths and eat whateve they can get a hold of. I'm new to chickens so I'm trying to keep them on just chick starter but i did add some chick grit.
They are all unique in that they all have a personality. Once they get wing feathers and start leaning to fly escaping the brooder is a game. Chickens will eat about anything! You should try to keep young ones on their starter although small treats are ok.
They love dust baths. I kept mine on pine shavings and one day I did a head count and was short one. Then I noticed the missing head sticking up out of the bedding where she had buried herself bathing.
Well, Silkies ARE from another planet
but that behavior isn't strange.
They all have their own personalities, just like us.
Good luck with them, and
from New York!
My chicks LOVE tuna sandwiches
and whatever else I happen to be eating when they're around.
All my chicks LOVE people food. We give dinner scraps and they will eat anything. One of their favorite things are speghetti and garlic bread.

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