Is my chicken broody or not?


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Dec 16, 2017
I have a wonderful chicken named Aphrodite, and I was hoping that she was broody. I saw her in one of the nesting boxes two nights ago, while I as feeding the horses, and I got really excited but then in the morning she was up with the rest of the flock. She didn’t get back in the nesting box until it was night (or maybe she did but I didn’t see). I’m kinda confused, is she broody or is she just comfortable sleeping in the nesting boxes?
If she's only in there at night, she's just sleeping in it. As stated above, she could be getting bullied off the roost, or just happy there. I don't call a hen broody until she's been on the nest 24 hours a day for at least three days and nights. She may get off for short breaks (20-30 minutes or so) to eat, drink, and dust bathe, but otherwise she's on the nest. If you need to move a broody from her chosen nest, I would do so with ceramic eggs, and if she stays on the nest after a move, then give her real eggs.

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