Is my "cockerel" actually a pullet in disguise?

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  1. Alexandra33

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    This is probably the craziest question I've had yet, but here goes. I've got this 16- week-old Mille Fleur d'Uccle who is, by all appearances, a cockerel (pointed hackle and saddle feathers, red shoulder patches, large comb, ect.). However, I've begun to question his identity because of his unusual disposition, which is in no way rooish. He doesn't crow, go after the girls, fight with the other cockerels, or even do anything. [​IMG] Our most dominant cockerel jumps on Barracuda like one of the pullets, and the other Mille Fleur defends him fiercely. Also, he's got a very small, stubby tail like the MF d'Uccle pullet. What's going on? I wish I had a better picture of him, but this is what I've got for now.
    The other MF cockerel for contrast:
    And to be extra helpful, Zelda, the pullet.

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  2. Pyxis

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    He's definitely a cockerel. Could be that's he's just too young and his hormones haven't hit him yet, or he doesn't mate/crow etc because he does not want to incur the wrath of the dominant rooster.
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    He could be a slow developing young Cockerel. Wish I could find a Cockerel that didn't crow & behaved :)
  4. Alexandra33

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    Thanks so much, guys! [​IMG]In that case, he certainly is the most pullet-ish cockerel I've ever seen. [​IMG]

  5. donrae

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    Some males are just slower to develop. He's only 4 months, I'm betting he'll catch up by fall.
  6. Alexandra33

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    Barracuda's about 5 months now, and although he's started crowing (which is pathetic and adorable [​IMG]) and growing a larger comb, he's still odd. Any idea why his saddle/hackle feathers are long but rounded?
    It may appear in this picture that some of his hackles are pointy, but in reality they aren't.
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    Full body pic?
  8. Alexandra33

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    Unfortunately, this is the best picture I have at the moment.
  9. Folly's place

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    Definitely a cockrel, but slow... Plan on using the other boy, unless he's human aggressive. This slow/ odd development isn't something to pass on. Mary
  10. Alexandra33

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    Thank you, Mary! I wasn't planning on hatching from Barracuda anyway, so no dreams are crushed here. [​IMG]

    I know I'm silly for continuing to harp on this issue, but I'm STILL stumped. I found these new feathers coming in around his saddle area, and they're obviously pullet-ish:
    He's 3 weeks shy of 6 months, and he hasn't gone after the girls once. Also, his body shape is noticeably slender and delicate compared to the other roo, he "chats" with me when I talk close to his face (none of the 10 roos I've had ever did this, it's only been the girls), still no boy plumage, and he's covered in way too many spangles for a MF cockerel. I guess what I'm trying to get at is, as far-fetched as this may sound, what are the chances I've got one of those females whose "organs" got damaged somewhere along the way and is showing male characteristics as a result? That's the idea I've really meant to convey all along. [​IMG] I know I'm probably being ridiculous, but even other chicken people in my family are quite confused because he's a carrier of both typically pullet and typically cockerel traits.

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