Is my coop big enough?

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    Jan 18, 2014
    High up in Colorado
    We have two chickens, a RIR and an Australorp. What would be the square footage for these two chickens?
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    Bigger is always better. :D

    Also, how big your run is, and if you live in a very cold place where the chickens might have to be locked inside for prolonged periods of time.

    A bare minimum is four square feet per standard chicken, for coop space plus ten square feet per chicken of protected run space.
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    Jul 2, 2013
    It depends on the climate in your area, You might need 4sq foot per chicken or as little as 1sq foot per chicken.

    I live in a mild climate and my chickens always have access to an outside run and my hens live happily on roughly 1.5 sq foot each in the house.

    The British Poultry Club's guidelines are to give large fowl birds at least 1 sq foot and bantams 8 sq inches.
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    I have almost 10 square feet per chicken of enclosed protected area, if you count my poop trays as extra square footage. They do like playing on them.

    Edited to add: I can't imagine how you would keep the chickens happy with less than 3 square feet per bird.... Unless they had constant access to a protected run, and lived in a mild climate.
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