Is my drake doing this on purpose? Dirties up chicken water then leaves it alone.


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Nov 8, 2010
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Okay the title sounds normal, but I swear the drake is doing it on purpose! He's with my weirdo flock of chickens because he fights with my drake Louie. In the weirdo flock there's my handicapped hen Sugar who can't drink well from normal waterers so we give the chickens little rectangular tubs that are deep enough and low enough for Sugar to drink with ease.
There's other ducks in their own pen near the weirdo flock's area and the drake keeps close to them. I would let him mingle with them but they're young and all he probably wants to do is hump the girls and will probably fight with the two young drakes in there. They're ducks that mom and I hatched from an incubator and will be replacing some of our flock later in the year when egg laying season is over for our rouens. Anyways the rectangular tubs used to be spread throughout the yard but the drake was pooping and cleaning himself in the ones which were close to the young ducks.. And the little bugger has a little kiddie pool for himself too! It's always clean too! So I moved the tubs, since he was making my chickens' water undrinkable, to the other side of the yard near his kiddie pool. I thought maybe it will persuade him to use his kiddie pool.
I've noticed for the past week he only went in it once. He wasn't making the chickens' water dirty anymore though, wasn't going in the tubs, not turning the water into a smelly reddish brown liquid. I was relieved finally but then I saw him doing something else today. I saw him foraging in the dirt, dipping his bill in the water, dirt, water, dirt, water, turning the chickens' water and his pool into dirt water. He did it to all three tubs and his kiddie pool.
He doesn't go in the tubs or his pool, just dirties it up. Making Sugar's and the other birds' water not exactly healthy to drink. . . . . .
That was at 7am this morning. I cleaned them all out and about and hour ago I found them dirty again. I cleaned them again and moved them away from his kiddie pool. I have yet to see what revenge he's taken upon me.
I know what you're thinking, why not pen him separate, sell him, or eat him? My mom is not work ready because of chemo treatments and I don't really know what to do in terms of making a fence and a coop for him. My dad is handicapped too so he can't help. We are going to get rid of him! After the egg laying season is over for the rouens... I was planning on selling him and two rouen hens like a trio or maybe a quad. I'm not a fan of duck meat either.


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May 21, 2012
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I just switched my ducklings to a waterer (sp?) because, not only of getting bigger, but their love of playing in their water. I figured this would be mess-proof. It only took less than 30 minutes and half their pen is filled with water and they are just loving padding through it. Ugh! Still love 'em though....just can't wait until the outdoor housing and run is ready so they can move on out of my house!

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