Is my Easter egger Ameraucana a male?

Is this chicken a rooster?

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5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
My 8 week old ameraucana, has been developing a slightly bigger and more colorful comb, than some of my other chicks. Also, the tail was very slow to grow, and it is growing in a curved shape. Most of the time the tail is hidden by its wings. I am hoping that the ameraucana doesn't turn out to be a male....!
Thank you! Below is a picture
That is too bad...I did have a very strong suspicion of it though. Thank you
I agree it's a cockerel, not an Ameraucana, but definitely an Easter Egger. He has a comb that shows he's not pure for the pea comb gene, maybe a single comb ancestor in there. I'm saying it's not a true pea comb, but what many of us call a "combo comb".

ETA: He's certainly colorful! I bet he'll be a handsome rooster.
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Yes, after reading a bit about the difference between the two I realized he is an Easter Egger as well.

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