Is my Easter Egger just vicious?

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    Jul 4, 2010
    We have 4 chickens (2 silkies, 1 EE, 1 SLWyandotte).

    So... a couple weeks ago we noticed that our SLW had blood on the side of her head (whatever you call the wattle things on the side of their heads). We watched and confirmed that it was the EE doing all the pecking and the Silkies weren't even touching it. A few times I washed off the blood from the area & feathers, slapped on some Neosporin, and put her back out. The EE kept going at it she knew it was a source for blood, even tho you couldn't see blood anymore. Finally, I decided to lock up the EE (to separate them, and to maybe knock her down a couple notches...hoping that when I introduced her back she'd become bottom of the totum pole so-to-speak.) Besides, the victim bird, the SLW, is just too sweet to lock up.

    We locked up the EE, and she seemed happy in there. We combined two small sized dog kennels, and attached a cardboard box to the side for a nesting box. SHe had plenty of room and didn't seem to mind at all. She continued to lay daily too. So after about a week, (which was yesterday) we put her back out. I watched her and she seemed ok...wasn't going after the SLW. However, this morning, she had pecked at the SLW again. She left the healed area alone, but it looked like she went for a different spot in that same area. There wasn't even any fresh blood to go after!

    I think I know why this is happening, but I'm not positive. When we built the little coop I had read that we should have 1 nesting box per 4 birds, so I thought that 1 for the 4 would be okay. My mom has too many chickens to count, and said that out of the 10 nesting boxes she has, the birds use only 3 or 4, and choose to even lay in one at the same time instead of using another. So....we put in one box. I'm thinking that was a mistake now. I'm thinking this is the cause for initial attacking???? I've seen her peck at her at the waterer too though.

    What do you think? Why, and what should we do? Is she just a big meany, (which would result in an Easter Egger dinner), or would adding another box solve the problem? Thoughts from the pros, please and thank you!

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