Is my female duck making a nest???? HELP???

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by liv22, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Aug 9, 2015
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    [​IMG].[​IMG] Ok so my black Indian runners have been mating for the past 2 weeks (3 males, 2 purebred runners, 1 mixed mallard-Pekin, and 1 female runner) I've seen them fighting to mate, and they live on a pond right next to my house but they come down from the pond( it's on a hill) to go in the creak next to my house and theirs a dead tree stump right next to my house which is right next to the creak and this morning the female was digging under the tree stump and got under it and made a little ditch, dugout kind of thing under the stump, so I'm assuming she's making a nest but I'm not sure, I thought ducks make nest out of sticks and grass and leaves and other stuff not a ditch? Can it be a nest she's making or no? Also I'm worried bc I would want her to make a nest near the pond not near the ditch bc I'm worried if she sits on them at night bc their preditors and theirs no pond she can jump in theirs only a creak she can go in and the creak is literally like a foot and a half away from the tree stump but will she be safe, will she lay eggs, and should I take the eggs to keep them safe or just let them go and let her be a mother? also I live in a wood type area, skunks come around, possems rarely come around and a bear was on my deck last August which never happened before! So I'm very worried what should I do?
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