Is my hen being a bully? PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Jax-bean, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Hi everyone
    So i'm a new chicken owner - I have 3 hens and a rooster, all of which are 6 months old Koekoeks.
    I've recently noticed that my one hen, Dora, is forever giving my other hen, Daisy, a hard time. She chases her away from treats, or even if she just gets in her space.
    Now Daisy hasnt been injured really but except she is turning into such a skittish, nervous girl. Its like she is always watching her back in case Dora comes to get her. The most Dora has done is pull out a small tuft of downy feathers but i feel very sorry for Daisy.
    1. Is this normal behaviour?
    2. Should my rooster keep them in order?
    3. And if it isnt normal, how can i sort it out before it gets bad?

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    Sometimes this happens. Your rooster may or not choose to keep them in line. Pulling the bully from the pen for several days may help the pecking order in the pen and adjust the bully's attitude. I've had good luck doing this method to help a scared hen. I just put the bully in a dog crate away from the other birds for several days. Solitary confinement does wonders for a bully. lol
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    Thank you! This morning I actually picked Dora up when she was being nasty, much to her dislike. She made such a fuss and then my roo came over and pecked her a few times and she shut up! Haha So i dont know if he put her in her place for the same reasons but then she seemed a little better for a while afterwards.
    Do you think doing that could help? Cause thats what you do to roo's getting out of line?
  4. Jax-bean

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    I wouldnt say they're enemies, but sometimes its unnecessary. Maybe thats just pecking order[​IMG] Because they dont mind preening next to one another, or sharing a sand bath spot

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