Is my hen getting a fungal infection? **Updated - Blood in Abdomen, liver enlarged**


9 Years
Mar 11, 2011
The vet also found Yeast down on her throat.
She hasn't laid for over a week. No egg found (did an x-ray) but found slightly enlarged livers, and blood in her abdomen.
She's on antibiotic today and anti-fungal med.

What am I dealing with? The vet didn't mention about draining the liquid/ blood in her abdomen...I don't know why - should I attempt to do this?

Several days ago, when I picked her up, I could hear her lungs "flapping" while she was breathing. I didn't think much of it. Before that, I had to locked her up in a dog carrier and her bedding was very wet, due to one day she knocked off her waterer and the chicken sitter didn't change her bedding until I got back - 3 days later.
She was acting ok but has not laid egg since. Today, I have a chance to observe her closely and this is what I am seeing now:

* She has not been eating very much at all and has not drank for the past 6+ hours - I tried to get her to drink but she didn't want to - I might have to force some water down on her

* She has not been moving around much - she's been laying down on the floor, with her eyes shut and her tail feathers are down

* Her poops are light yellow, mustardy and watery with a few "green"

* Her comb and wattle are pale pink, very pale pink

* Sometimes I could see her vent pulsating while she lays down

* She has been laying an egg every few days so her egg production has been dropped

* The weather around here has been in the upper 80s and 90s for the last month

* She used to be very hyper but today she is not at all - she's a RIR, almost 2 years old

* Her weigh seems normal to me but that is because she's eating ok/ drinking ok yesterday

I've been doing lots of readings in here and I suspect she's probably getting fungal infection. I just ordered some Oxine AH as many think that will hopefully work for fungal infection. I am assuming that is what she is having but I am not sure. And the Oxine will not get to me for another week or so.

Can anyone help and let me know what's going on with my hen, please?

Thank you....
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I'm not certain why you think it's a fungal infection. Have you checked her for egg binding? She may have worms. She sounds quite ill and will most likely not be alive in a few days without intervention. I would check her for egg binding first thing. Since her bedding was wet, could her feed have molded? Moldy feed and cause botulism which is deadly. Good luck.
Thanks for responding nurse turtle!
I don't know how to check for egg binding, but will do a search in here for it.
Her feed is all right and I don't think it's moldy. I do check the feed everyday and i asked the chicken sitter to do the same and she's pretty good at it.
Back in Feb of this year, I wormed her with the dosage of Valbazen.
I've been regularly feeding my chickens ACV mixed in with water and vit. D & calcium.

Any further suggestion/ comment is greatly appreciated and welcome! She's my baby!!
She is not egg bound, I don't think ....I checked and I couldn't feel an egg....I'm so worried.....I wormed her back in Feb. should I worm her again with Valbazen?

She just ate and drink a little.. she's inside with me....she's alert, moving a little, but not walking around like her usual self.

Any idea, someone, please??
Do you have a vet? If they don't treat chickens, they should at least be able to check a stool sample for parasites. Oxine AH is for environmental decontamination; it is not for treating animals!
Just came back from a local vet - he did an X-ray - there was no egg stuck inside my hen. We did she her livers were slightly enlarged - not a good sign. He also stuck a needle to her abdomen and there was liquid blood there - not good at all. He also swipped her throat and found yeast. He gave her antibiotic, as well as anti-fungal medication.

I feel like I have no hope for my hen - I don't know what else to do for her....will she be ok? What is she having? Please help!

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