is my hen going broody?


7 Years
May 29, 2012
Hi, I have a hen (dont know breed, probably none) shes really small and docile. I wanted to have baby chicks.
So I got her a rooster and, I havent see them do it, but they probably have.

The thing is that lately she screams when I get near her and puff her feathers, shes seated almost all day, but she is not seated on her nest box, just on the side of it. also, shes kinda mooving the eggs, for no aparent reason, shes not on the eggs at all.

She has 7 eggs allready, and she had about three eggs before the rooster.

The thing is, why isnt she seating on her eggs, but acts like broody?
also, does the sun damage the eggs?
they get about an hour of sun in the morning.

It sure seems like she's broody.

I'd move the box out of the sun, the hens like dark privacy to lay,
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Problem, kinda solved.
She just didnt liked her nest box, I opened it and she took two eggs out and started heating them.

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