Is my hen ready to lay her first egg?

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    I'm obviously new to this. My Buff Orpington started squatting a few days ago. She is also digging a hole in the corner and sitting in it. Her back side is pulsating and she pants. When I look at her vent it is really pulsating. If I get her attention she gets up and acts normal. She should be about 27 weeks old, not sure because I got her as a pullet. Not paying attention to the nesting box at all. Do you think she's getting ready to lay her first egg? How much longer will it take? My Black Australorp is younger by a few weeks I think and just stays by her side, like she's protecting her. So what do you think is happening? Thanks for any information.
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    It sounds like she will be laying soon. With chickens, it can be hard to tell exactly when. Just keep looking out for an egg. :) Also, you can try putting a few fake eggs or golf balls in the nest so that when she sees 'eggs' in it, she might be content to lay there.
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    I would also suggest feeling her pelvis bones. Put her in your hands and feel her rear end. If you feel three prominent bones close together, then don't expect eggs for a few weeks. If the bones have separated, then expect eggs soon. [​IMG]

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