Is my hen still broody?

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    Nov 27, 2016
    Hello, I am new to the forum and this is my first post!

    I have a White Deleware hen who is about 12 months old. She went broody last March, with a lot of work I got her off the nest and she appeared to be back to normal. She has yet to lay an egg after her broody episode (appears fine in all other aspects), and she is a terror in the hen house. She is picking on my weakest hen (who is my best layer) to the point of bloodying her. I have her segregated from the rest of the hens (in her own coop out of view) and the flock seems to be returning to normal. My question is, is she still broody, will she eventually get over it and start laying eggs again, and will her nastiness go away? Honestly, she is days away from being in the crock pot, I tried to return her to the flock after a 7-day segregation and she immediately started picking on the same hen. I appreciate any thoughts. [​IMG]
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    I doubt she is still broody for a couple reasons.
    If she is heading after another hen then she is not on the nest.
    It is the wrong time of year for them to be broody here in Colorado. Not that it cannot happen it is just not likely.

    I think if she is totally out of sight of the other hens it makes integrating her back in much harder. Perhaps some separation within the coop and or run would make things easier.

    I have an old Delaware that after a narrow escape from a hawk has not laid another egg. It was 2 years ago.

    Weird that your Delaware is aggressive. They are supposed to be a docile breed. It may be that you need to cook her or find her another home.

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