Is my house safe???????

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  1. I have a chicken house from a friend. They gave us the chickens and the house. We had to kill all the birds do to a respitory disease. It has been over five months since we got the house . It has been bleached and hosed down . Is it safe for my birds to move into???????????????????

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    sorry, don't know. What does the extension service say about the residual life expectancy of whatever disease they had? Would painting everything handle it or is it persistent even in the soil?
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    That seems a bit extreme. Respiratory disease is common with chickens and if they survive it, they generally don't get it again. There is a good possibility that some of them would have survived with antibiotics to stave off secondary infection.

    I would just get some more chickens, maybe not such expensive ones. If they get sick, you will be able to figure out the survivability of the virus.
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    Don't know if this will make you feel better but I bought my chicken house off of craigslist, when I got it home I washed it down good, let it air dry and when my girls were old enough put them in....I haven't had any problems with the coop and I started using it in June.
  7. Thanks guys,
    The chickens we had to cull were past the help of medicine. i just dont my flock to get the same thing these birds had. the inside is just plain painted wood.
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    After 5 months, a bleaching and a general cleaning the house should be good to go. Few respiratory illnesses live long periods of time in the soil. GI bacterium is a different story. If you are worried, move the house to a different location to allow for a new run space.

    Enjoy the new flock. Good luck.
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    Quote:It is very common in chickens, but it will also pass on to any new member of the flock.

    I have read you can put lime in the ground to get rid of anything in the soil. I have no idea how to use it or how long to keep animals off of the area though. Which is no help what so ever I understand, but maybe you could reseach the use of lime in the soil.

  10. The coop is in a new location we Moved the the it 5 months ago from the the friends that gave us the sick birds. The sick birds werenever in the moved coop.

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