is my millie flur d'uccle sick or blind or depressed?

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    Jul 3, 2013
    I have a year old rooster that recently lost his mate. He never was one to go exploring but stuck beside his mate all the time. She passed when we had a sudden cold snap about a week ago. When I found her about 9 that morning, he was standing beside her. I took her and burried her but noticed he didnt move much the rest of the day. The next day he was pretty much in the same spot. At feeding time he didnt come running like the rest of the chickens. I watched him and he never made an effort to eat. I thought he was sick or depressed. Brought him in the house and started him on some antibiotics, some vitimans, electrolytes and fed him eggs and yogurt. After watching him the last couple days, I have the feeling he is blind. He is stumbling over everything and walks into stuff and falls. He moves real slow and is very slow to put his feet down. I tried to move my hand real fast toward him and get no reaction. When I barely touch him he jumps. He moves his head in circles and stares at the ceiling then shakes his head and does it again.

    Could he be sick causing blurred vision, or do you think he is blind?[​IMG]
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    Yes,chickens do become depressed. Probably not a good idea to treat with antibiotics until you know what you are treating for. Just keep an eye on him,make sure he is eating/drinking. If depression is the cause,he will come around but,it will take him some time his best friend/mate died he is grieving.
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    It might be a good idea to check the avian/poultry sites for illness/disease symptoms to rule out anything there. Check under previous post for similar issues/advice. You can try to do as a search under the disease/illness section. It is a little more work but can help while waiting. Good luck.

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