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Is my mite control plan ok? How has yours worked?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by taprock, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. taprock

    taprock Songster

    Nov 1, 2010
    Northern L.P. Michigan
    I was gone for a week and my husband took care of my chickens. This week I started with cleaning the coop out. My guineas and some of the chickens like to roost up in the eaves. I don't like it but haven't had time to change roost areas and block off the eaves. Today while cleaning the eaves out I discovered I was covered in mites, the northern fowl variety. Soooo...... now I have to renovate and clean everything. Here is what I think I should do, but since this is the first time I have no idea if it is the best plan. I'm hoping for some input before I start. I don't want to finish only to find out there was a better way. I have no idea how to get the eaves clean and would take any suggestions.

    My plan:

    1. take everything out of coop - bedding, feeders, roosts - burn bedding
    2. Soap and water clean everything, although not sure how well it works with wood.
    3. Spray with pyrethrin and let dry
    4. Dust birds with Sevin - I only found mites on 4 chickens but I'd do all 22 (luckily the 13 juveniles are in another coop!)
    5. Dust coop with DE and replace bedding.

    I'm just thinking how many days this is all going to take!! Thanks for any advice

  2. KiraCookie

    KiraCookie In the Brooder

    Jul 20, 2011
    Just get mite dust that is in a chicken store and sprinkle it on the chickens like under the wings and thru the feathers and all around the coop. Thats what i did, and it worked.
  3. Chickmate

    Chickmate Songster

    Nov 10, 2009
    SE Michigan
    Hey taprock -

    I found mites in my coop a month ago and this is what I did:
    1. Treated each bird with 1/4 cc Ivomec orally. I did this about a week or so before cleaning the coop out.
    2. Took everything out of the coop, threw shavings waaaaay out back in the woods, swept coop out.
    3. Set off a bug bomb. I used Zodiac FleaTrol Fogger purchased at Pet Supplies Plus. Adams was suggested to me but they have the exact same active ingredients and Zodiac was a little cheaper. You have to keep the coop closed up for two hours and then air it out for one hour before you can go back in.
    4. Dusted every crack, the roosts, the floor, the nest boxes with Sevin.
    5. Added new pine shavings.

    I didn't scrub everything out because I was fairly certain I caught this in the early stages before a major infestation and my coop is brand new, just built in March. As I said, that was a month ago and I haven't seen a mite since. The birds never did display signs of having them, but I saw them on the white walls.

    Good luck to you! You need to come over to the Michigan Thread where the rest of us Michiganders have a great time. Some wonderful people who all live in the state and really help each other out when we can. Go to Index then Where am I? Where are you! then Michigan.

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